JavaScript Object Notation (aka JSON) is a very popular lightweight data-interchange format. Jodd JSON is a lightweight library for (de)serializing Java objects into and from JSON.

Before you say: "Yet another one?", please check what makes Jodd JSON unique. The power of the library is its control over the process of serialization and parsing; ease of use and great performances.

Quick Start

Let's see how to serialize:

Book book = new Book();
book.setName("Jodd in Action);
book.setAuthors(List.of(new Author("Igor")));

String json = JsonSerializer.create()

The resulting JSON may look like this:

    "name" : "Jodd In Action",
    "year" : 2018,
    "authors" : [
        { "firstName" : "Igor" }

Parse the JSON back to Java:

Book book2 = new JsonParser()
        .parse(json, Book.class);

Pretty simple, right? But don't get blinded by the simplicity, Jodd JSON is pretty powerful. Did I mention it is one of the fastest JSON frameworks out there?

Main features

  • simple syntax and fluent interface,

  • lazy parser that is super fast,

  • annotations for better conversion control,

  • convenient JSONObject and JSONArray classes,

  • powerful exclusion and inclusion rules,

  • serializer definition for types,

  • the only library that can handle any number size,

  • pretty formatting of the JSON output,

  • loose, more forgiving, parsing mode,

  • ways to address the keys and values of the Maps

  • flexible fine-tuning,

  • and more…


The code is released under the BSD-2-Clause license. It has a minimal set of dependencies with the same or similarly open license, so you should be able to use it in any project and for any purpose.

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